The owner family explains that this closure, from today, Wednesday 1 June, “symbolises respect, admiration and honour for the mark left by Juan Antonio Horrach Moyà”

The well-known Horrach Moyà Gallery closes its exhibition spaces in Palma this Wednesday, 1 June, after 35 years of activity, as the family has informed in a statement. “Galería Horrach Moyà formally announces that, as of 1 June 2023, it will definitively cease its activity as an exhibition centre for contemporary art, thus closing its doors after 35 years dedicated to the promotion of art and culture in our community,” it explained. “The end of this project symbolises respect, admiration and honour for the mark left by Juan Antonio Horrach Moyà”, he explained.

Galería Horrach Moyà Facebook

Image of an exhibition at Galería Horrach Moyà. Photo: Facebook of the gallery.

“The family has taken the difficult decision to close the museum after the unexpected death of Juan Antonio last October, as the best tribute that can be made to his mark left in the cultural field, convinced that his figure will be irreplaceable for its pure essence, for his courageous and transgressive spirit and for his unique and unrepeatable way of being and doing”, adds the statement.

The family wanted to take the opportunity to “thank all the people who have worked alongside him during his career as a gallery owner, all his colleagues in the cultural sector who have accompanied him over the years, for the affection, respect and admiration they have shown for his legacy, to all the artists who during these years trusted Juanan to accompany them in their professional career and development, and also to Mallorcan society in general, which has openly and affectionately expressed its sadness, admiration and respect for what the figure of this great man meant for our economy, our culture and our island”.

Susy Gómez, informed via e-mail

Galería Horrach Moyà Facebook

One of the exhibitions at the Horrach Moyà Gallery.

The artist Susy Gómez, who was Juan Antonio Horrach’s partner, has also announced on her social networks that Horrach Moyà’s galleries are closing and that she will therefore no longer be represented by this firm. In this regard, she has said that the owner’s family has informed her via email.

In addition to Gómez herself, artists such as Marina Abramovic, Lawrence Weiner, Joana Vasconcelos, Girbent, Carles Congost, Muntean/Rosemblum, Montserrat Soto, Sylvie Fleury, Terence Koh and Aníbal López, among many others, have passed through its spaces. The gallery has been present at national and international contemporary art fairs such as Arco Madrid, Arco Lisboa, Art Basel Miami, Art Brussels, Artisima (Turin), Art Dubai, Abu Dhabi Art, Bologna Arte Fiera and SP Arte Sao Paulo.

In the statement, Galeria Horrach Moyà also announces that it is closing its exhibition rooms in both Carrer Catalunya and Plaça Drassana.

Galeria Horrach Moyà itself has recalled that “it was born in 1988, as a result of the love for art of Mr. Guillermo Horrach and Mrs. Antonia Moyà, a gallery that was created by Mr. Guillermo Horrach and Mrs. Antonia Moyà. Antonia Moyà, a gallery that evolved over time until, in the year 2000, their son Juan Antonio took over the reins of the business, turning the direction towards a more contemporary and transgressive current, converting it over time and, from the humility of a young man passionate about a world as complex as contemporary art, into a space of reference, not only in Mallorca but also nationally and internationally”.