From today the 1st of June until the 30th of September the barriers will open automatically as long as there are spaces available in the Formentor car park, and also for all vehicles with authorisation

The Consell de Mallorca’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructures, in coordination with the Directorate General of Traffic, has announced that the measures to control vehicle access to the Formentor peninsula will begin on the 1st of June and will continue until the 30th of September, both included. An extension of dates with respect to previous years, in order to adapt to a longer high season and the increase in vehicles.

Formentor Consell de Mallorca

Image of the access to Formentor. Photo: Consell de Mallorca.

During this period, access to the Formentor peninsula from Ma-22210 will be restricted from 10 am to 10.30 pm at night. This timetable was extended last summer to avoid the uncivic behaviour that occurred two years ago, when the measure was extended to 19:00.

Therefore, private vehicles will be able to access the road until ten o’clock in the morning and, from that time onwards, they will be allowed to pass until the parking spaces on the beach are full, which on the first day of access control today, Thursday, happened shortly before one o’clock.

Two levels of restriction

Only authorised vehicles, public transport, emergency services and bicycles will be allowed to circulate.

  • The first level of restriction (from km 2 to 8.7) starts at the Port de Pollença roundabout and extends to the beach (hotel car park).
  • The second (from km 8.7 to 19.600), from the beach to the lighthouse. Authorised vehicles will only be allowed to park in the areas set aside for this purpose, and parking on the roadside verges will be prohibited.

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructures has explained that the aim of this regulation is to protect an environmentally sensitive area with high landscape values. They also want to promote a different type of mobility and access to the island’s natural sites. Which is why they recommend using public transport to get to Formentor.

Automatic access control barriers

In coordination with the DGT, work has begun on installing automatic barriers to control access more efficiently and provide better information to users. In addition, signage will be reinforced with cameras and information screens. The barriers will open automatically if there are still spaces available in the car parks, and will close when the capacity is full. They will also open automatically for all authorised vehicles.

In addition, Mobility and Infrastructures will hire a service of informers who will be close to the barriers in order to resolve any doubts. And there will also be a campaign to disseminate and inform about this regulation to traffic in the media and on the Consell’s website.

Bus service

Transports de les Illes Balears (TIB) will provide a bus service to facilitate access to the entire restricted zone.

  • Line 334, which runs along the Alcúdia – Port de Pollença – Faro de Formentor route, has stops at Mirador d’Es Colomer, Formentor beach, Cala Figuera-Cala Murta and the Formentor lighthouse.

Those arriving by car in Port de Pollença are recommended to park along the ring road where there are three bus stops to go up to Formentor: Port de Pollença, Bóquer and Can Singala.

Levels of restriction

Vehicles that meet the requirements to be able to drive through the restricted zone must request the corresponding accreditation at least three working days in advance by emailing

  • On the first level, residents of the stretch, and visitors of residents, as well as vehicles transporting people with reduced mobility, taxis, VTC, occasional transport coaches and those authorised to drive on the second level may be authorised.
  • To request access to the lighthouse, the procedure is the same as in the previous case – by e-mail, but the request must always be made in advance. Only residents, health, civil protection and emergency services, security forces and vehicles transporting people with reduced mobility may drive from km 8.7 to km 19.6.

The Formentor peninsula is a specially protected site, declared a World Heritage Site. For this reason, the different administrations involved in managing it -the Consell de Mallorca, the Govern de les Illes Balears, the Directorate General of Traffic, the Guardia Civil, the Port Authority and the Pollença Town Council- have joined forces to improve mobility in this emblematic space.