Excavation work began this Thursday on Sa Coma beach with the aim of confirming or ruling out the survival of one or more graves. The first intervention will last approximately ten days and will be accompanied by a second phase, scheduled for after the summer

The Government has started this Thursday the excavation work on the beach of sa Coma with the aim of confirming or ruling out the survival today of one or more graves in the northeastern area of the beach. Also, to establish the dimensions of the human losses in the area, as well as the possible location of the bodies buried during the days of war and after the expedition of Captain Bayo. The intervention is part of the Government’s fourth Graves and Democratic Memory Plan.

For this reason, the Government will carry out a first phase of archaeological testing by opening a series of trenches in four previously defined areas where geophysical prospecting and remote sensing gave results of possible alterations of the terrain caused by differentiated fillings.

This first intervention will last approximately ten days.


sa coma fosas

Intervention in four zones

  • Zone 1. This is an area of 290 m² located in the most northeastern area of the beach of sa Coma, in one of the eastern ends, where in 1991 human remains were located that could be associated with the events of 1936 and that have already been exhumed. It is an area with sand, accumulations of seaweed and low scrub, outside the dune system that exists a few meters further to the southwest.
  • Zone 2. This is an area of 150 m² located on the Castell road, south of the Rancho de sa Coma and north of the beach; a road formed by a level of compacted earth, which runs along the north of the dune system of sa Coma.
  • Zone 3. This is an area of about 795 m² divided into two areas, on both sides (north and south) of one of the dune areas of sa Coma beach. The north side is located on the Castle road, more to the southwest of Zone 2, and the south side is located on one of the stretches of sa Coma beach; therefore, it is an area with beach sand.
  • Zone 4. This is an area of about 155 m² located south of the dune area, right in the middle of one of the stretches of the beach.

sa coma fosas

The graves of sa Coma beach

The Map of Graves of Mallorca indicates the beach of sa Coma, within the municipality of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, as a possible burial place of victims of the Civil War, mostly militiamen and militias linked to the expedition of the Republican side arrived in Mallorca during the summer of 1936.