On Sunday 2nd June the Cathedral of Mallorca will host one of the most solemn religious celebrations of the liturgical year: Corpus Christi, deeply rooted in Mallorcan religious culture.

The ceremony will begin at 5:10 pm in the Palma church. The traditional exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will be followed at 5:15 pm by the singing of the Vespers. A little later, at 6:00 pm, the Eucharist will begin, presided over by the bishop of Mallorca, Sebastià Taltavull.

Once the mass is over, the traditional procession will begin through the main streets of the centre of Palma: Mirador, Palau, Sant Pere Nolasc, en Morei, and the squares of Santa Eulàlia and Cort. The return to the Cathedral will take place along Carrer de Palau Reial.

Once again this year, the processional cross will be carried by members of the Confraries of Palma. Known as the Lledània, this cross weighs 65 kilos and is decorated with more than 1,200 wax flowers. The sacrament in the centre of La Custòdia, a piece created by Josep Nicolau, the Cathedral’s goldsmith, in 1585 and restructured by Nicolau Bonnín in 1785, will be the central element of the parade.

Visitors will also be able to admire two elements designed by Gaudí: the cone-shaped conopeo with yellow and red stripes, and the tintináculo, a bronze bell with a sun on its top. Both are unique pieces that add a distinctive touch to the procession.

The morning ceremony, scheduled for 10:30 am, will feature the Schola Gregoriana. During the procession, the Tamborers de la sala, the cossiers, the cavallets, the confraries, l’Escolania dels Vermells, the canons, the bishop, the public and the Municipal Band will accompany the route.