The former president of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol, has been elected president of the Congress of Deputies at the start of the 15th Spanish Legislature. The position occupies the third highest authority in the state, behind the president of the Government and the King, which implies a significant salary compensation. If each deputy is assigned a salary of 3,126 euros per month, the presidency of Congress receives more than three times that amount.

Just for being part of the lower house’s bureau, an additional 3,421 euros per month must be added to the deputy’s salary. To this must be added 3,714 euros for representation expenses and 3,045 euros for free disposal expenses. In addition, Armengol lives outside Madrid, which implies a monthly compensation of 2,008 euros. Applying all these rules, Francina Armengol will receive 15,317 euros gross per month.

In this way, the former president of the Balearic Islands would go from receiving 70,466 euros a year for presiding over the Government to receiving 214,444 euros a year in her new post. To all this, other concepts such as possible travel expenses, parking, trips, as well as possible considerations if she holds positions in commissions, would have to be added.