The Sant Sebastià Palma 2023 festivities will kick off next Saturday 14th January and will last until 29th January. In addition to the musical performances of the Revetla (19th of January), there will be concerts by Antònia Font and Zahara. In addition, the programme includes more than thirty leisure, family, cultural and traditional activities that will liven up this year’s edition.

Antònia Font, headliner of the Sant Sebastià Palma 2023 festivities

The Mallorcan band Antònia Font will put the finishing touch to the Sant Sebastià 2023 festivities with a free concert to be held at Son Fusteret on the 28th of January at 8 pm (doors open at 6 pm). The performance will cost the public coffers 341,621.80 euros, almost 32% of the total budget set for this year’s fiestas of Palma’s patron saint: 1,074,970 euros, of which 221,067 euros are earmarked for artistic performances. This year’s budget has been increased by 25.89 % with respect to the 2022 celebration.

The councillor for Citizen Participation, Clàudia Costa, has supported the hiring of the band: “They are the collective memory of a whole generation, a point of reference for many current artists and, for the youngest, perhaps even mythology. Their return this year, after a long silence, means the return of Mallorcan pop with a Balearic accent”.

Simultaneous music in different squares

Conciertos Sant Sebastià Palma



Mikel Erentxun (21:00 h)

The Spanish singer-songwriter Mikel Erentxun, leader and vocalist of Duncan Dhu since 1992, will headline this square. In his solo performance, the artist will review the songs from his latest album: “El vuelo de Mikel Erentxun 35 años después”, a compilation of the singer’s best known songs.

The Gramophone Allstars Bing Band (23:00)

Jamaican and Afro-American rhythms. This is the proposal of the band from La Bisbal d’Empordà, led by the saxophonist Genís Bou and made up of outstanding Catalan jazz musicians such as Vic Moliner, Lluc Casares, Pere Miró and Judit Neddermann.



Bilo (21:00 h)

Winner of the first prize of Pop Rock 2022.

Amaia (22:00 h)

La La Love You (11.45 p.m.)



Paula Cendejas (8:30 p.m.)

Ana Tijoux (9.55pm)

Marc Seguí (11:50pm)

The young Mallorcan Marc Seguí, who burst onto the music scene in 2019 with the release of the popular single “Si nos vamos”, will delight the audience with his particular musical style, which mixes the most current pop, indi and lofi styles under a colourful and fun aesthetic.



As usual, this space will host performances of traditional Mallorcan music that will allow for popular dances.

Sedaç (8:30 pm)

Pere Joan and Manel are the soul of the group, which began in 1993 participating in popular dances and now has its own musical project, more powerful and innovative, in which they are accompanied by different musicians.

Ballugall (9.45pm)

Born at the beginning of 2021 in Pollença, Ballugall is the result of the passion of a group of young people who are passionate about making the traditional music of the islands sound. Their pieces are designed to be danced to, with a structure that allows for maximum enjoyment of the dance.

Cris Juanico (23:45 h)



Jane Yo (21:00 h)

Winners of the second prize of Pop Rock 2022.

Nita (9:50 p.m.)

Doctor Prats (11:15pm)

With four albums on the market and seven years of experience, Doctor Prats, who has revolutionised music in Catalan, will be mixing styles as diverse as pop, cumbia, reggae, ska, rock, electroswing and dubstep in his performance in the Plaça de Cort. His live show, “Pel Cantó Bo Tour”, surprising, dynamic and energetic, is expected to leave the audience indifferent.

Other activities of Sant Sebastià Palma 2023

The Sant Sebastià 2023 programme is now fully known. In addition to the concerts of the Revetla (19th), there will be two dates on which the streets of Palma will become temporary stages. On Saturday the 21st of January, Plaça Joan Carles I will host the concert by Zahara. On the same stage, the third place winner of the Pop Rock 2022 competition, Marc Mas, will perform. The musical closing of the festivities will be performed by Antònia Font on Saturday 28th January at the Son Fusteret venue.

The programme includes around thirty leisure, cultural and sporting events, including the Diada Ciclista (Cycling Day) (20th of January), the Ciutat de Palma awards ceremony (20th of January), the Zona Restrigida activity (shows in unconventional spaces that will be kept secret until the last minute (14th and 22nd of January), the Photographic Marathon (29th of January), the Trescabarris (22nd of January) and the Correfoc (29th of January), which is being revived after years of being suspended. The Trobada de Gegants (28 January) and the Beneïdes de Sant Antoni (17 January) also make up the programme.

Programme of activities for Sant Sebastià 2023:

Programa Sant Sebastià 2023

Inauguration of the festivities

On Saturday the 12th of January, the Nam Sobrats batucada of the Escuela Municipal de Música de Palma will give the “sus” to the Sant Sebastià Palma 2023 festivities.  At 11:30 am they will start a route from the Porta Pintada that will culminate in the Plaza de Cort, where the rest of the activities will take place.

From the balcony of Cort, at 12:00 noon you can hear the drumming of Nam Sobrats, which will give way to the dance of the gegants, with the capgrossos.

Four women from the Associació de Glosadors de Mallorca will be in charge of reading this year’s glosses: Alicia Olivares, Maribel Servera, Maria Magdalena Amengual and Eva Canyelles. Afterwards, the proclamation “El Drac de coca y la Flama de la festa”, written by Caterina Valriu, will be read. This year’s master of ceremonies will be Felip Munar.

The festival will continue with a capgrossos dance, with choreography by Catin Luna and music by the Mallorca School of Music and Dance and its xeremiers. It will also feature the Estol de Geganters, Sonadors and Balladors de Mallorca.

The evening will conclude with the Batucada Saravá, which will entertain the awakening of the Drac de na Coca and the delivery, by the children in attendance, of the pebres de cirereta to give strength to the beast to keep the flame of the festival burning.