Everything is ready in Maria de la Salut to celebrate the 27th edition of Rock’N’Rostoll. In 2023, the festival will feature 15 bands divided between the two stages of the event.

Rock ‘N Rostoll 2023 artists

The Rock stage will feature performances by Pèl de Gall, Swee Poo Smell, Rudymentari, Main Line 10, Reïna, Escarràs and Noiseast. The Safareig space, dedicated to electronic music, will feature Manu Sánchez, Toni Joan, Vives, Emili Riu, Macià BP, Jordà&Fabian Roelandt, Martin Tawler and Bibi Smalls.

Admission to the festival is free and there will be bars on the site for drinks. The price of drinks is 6 euros; beers, 3 euros; soft drinks, 3 euros. The Rock’N’Rostoll 2023 organisers have set up online ticket sales and remind that during the festival, until 4:00, you will be able to continue buying and validating your drinks.


The celebration of Rock’N’Rostoll 2023 has been preceded by controversy. The GOB has requested that the festival be subjected to a sonometric control, considering that the Son Perot estate, where the concerts have been held since 1994, is an environmentally inadequate space, as it is a special protection area for birds. In addition, a few days ago some vandalism graffiti appeared on one of the stages, an action that was denounced by the organisers.