Pedro Marín has been elected this Wednesday as the new president of the Hotel Association of Playa de Palma, replacing José Antonio Fernández Alarcón. His goal will be to focus on the potential of Playa de Palma as a mature first class tourist destination and to eradicate incivism in the area

The new president of the Hotel Association of Playa de Palma, Pedro Marín, who was elected today by acclamation, said that the main objective in the area is “to eradicate the incivility it suffers, hence the contacts that we will maintain the administrations to recover the vitality of a mature destination like Playa de Palma,” he said.

For his predecessor, José Antonio Fernández, “he is the representative of an individual and family establishment, as all the presidents of our association tend to be, and, above all, a consensus candidate. His father was president for almost 16 years, and we could not have better representation in Playa de Palma than someone who was born and raised in the area, and who since childhood has been instilled with a love for the hotel association and for our organization”.

Junta Directiva AHPP Pedro Marín

Pedro Marín with the Board of Directors that will accompany him during his term of office. Photo: AHPP.

New organization chart of the Playa de Palma Hotel Association

After the closing of candidacies on June 27, Marín’s was the only one formalized. During Marín’s mandate, he will be accompanied by three vice-presidents. 1st Vice President: Margarita Mayol Amengual (H. Balear), 2nd Vice President: José Antonio Fernández de Alarcón Roca (RIU Hotels) and 3rd Vice President: Catalina Salvà Roig (H. Foners), 1 Secretary: Gaspar Rodríguez Pastor (Illa Beach Hotels), 1 Treasurer: Bartolomé Pons Verd (H. Sant Jordi) and 18 members, who will make up the Board of Directors of the entity, which currently represents 114 establishments and 34,031 tourist accommodations.

The new president, accompanied by part of his team, has presented to all attendees what will be their lines of work and action over the coming years. “I take on the challenge with great enthusiasm and with the respect that the largest hotel association in the Balearic Islands deserves. The objectives we pursue are clear, to achieve a civic and quality tourism, and to work hand in hand with the Public Administrations so that Playa de Palma has the opportunities it deserves,” he said.

Marín added that “the path we want to follow from this new Board of Directors is the one initiated by the hotel businessmen of recognized prestige in the area and who have always believed in Playa de Palma for more than 46 years”.