The Bicipalma network incorporates a new station in Son Espases, joining the latest ones opened in El Molinar and Son Ferriol. This brings the total number of stations in operation in different parts of Palma to 75, of the 85 planned

Bicipalma users can now use the Son Espases station. The Bicipalma station located at the Son Espases University Hospital is now operational. This new station, which is located at the entrance to the Hospitalisation area, aims to become another ally for the mobility of workers and patients who move around Son Espases. Thus, the new station has a total of 30 anchorages and, together with the Via Roma station, has become the station with the largest capacity for bicycles in Palma.

Bicipalma users have already tripled in one month and the new service reaches 6,340 people. The Bicipalma network is extending its coverage to more neighbourhoods with the new Bicipalma, which has a revamped image and electric bicycles with a range of 70 kilometres, as well as stations that can be extended with a geolocation system.


BiciPalma nueva

BiciPalma in Aragó-Balmes.

Bicipalma reaches more neighbourhoods

Bicipalma will increase its number of stations to 85 in the coming months. The new Bicipalma station came into operation on 29 December. Gradually, up to 930 new bikes will be added, of which 270 are electric and 660 are mechanical. The electric bicycles have a range of between 60 and 80 kilometres and are powered by an intelligent battery system that optimises their use and provides support when starting the bike.

The aim is to reach beyond the ring road and cover densely populated neighbourhoods in order to reduce the use of private vehicles.

The new Bicipalma project has been financed by the European Union’s Next Generation fund, included in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience fund, and was awarded to the company NextBike for 2,991,220 euros.

100 applications per day

Since last January an average of 100 applications for registration have been received every day, and the number of daily journeys has reached 1,446. These are the figures provided by Palma City Council.

Thus the number of Bicipalma users has now reached 6,340 people. This volume of users means that the number of people using the public bicycle service has increased by 201% compared to the last figures of November 2022, when the old service was discontinued.

How it works

During these first few weeks, the service has been launched only for former users, but from 16 January, new users will be able to download the app to use the new system.

The new Bicipalma allows registration through the App that has been developed and is available for Android, Gallery App and IOs systems in different languages. Users can access real-time information on bikes, anchorages and nearby stations. It also streamlines the rental and return system.


Carriles bici

Bikes lanes in Palma.

New stations

Over the last few weeks, the stations located in these neighbourhoods have been added to the Bicipalma network:

  • Carrer Prevere Rafel Barrera
  •  Tomàs Villanueva i Cortés
  •  Camí de Son Rapinya
  • Mirador del Terreno
  • Marquès de la Sènia
  • Pascual Ribot-Son Pisà
  • Salvador Dalí-Francesc Martí Mora
  • Cas Capiscol
  • General Ricardo Ortega
  • Porto Pí
  • Pascual Ribot-Son Cotoner
  • Estació 04 situada al carrer Blatera de Son Ferriol
  • Estació 5 situada al carrer Babieca de Son Ferriol (pendent instal.lació properes setmanes)
  • Estació de Son Llàtzer
  • Camí Fondo
  • Estació de Son Flor (carrer Bartomeu Cabrer, 2)
  • Estació General Riera (c. Uruguai, 2)
  • Estació Conservatori (c. Alfons el Magnànim, 2)
  • Estació Parc Son Serra Parera (c. Dinís Bannassar, 16).
  • Estació Catalina March-Son Rapinya

The Bicipalma expansion schedule foresees that the new stations will be operational throughout this spring, bringing the total number of planned stations to 85.

Bicipalma prices and stations

In addition to the new model of bicycles, one of the substantial improvements of the new Bicipalma are the new anchorages, which, thanks to their modular system, can be easily extended if necessary. In addition, the stations are simpler without the need for screens, which will also improve their maintenance. In this sense, they can be relocated around the city in the event that specific mobility needs are detected.

Palma residents pay 24 euros per year. For those under 25 years of age, the cost is 17 euros every 12 months. And there is a reduced rate for those who renew early. There are also six-monthly, quarterly and monthly fares.

The new Bicipalma in figures

  • 85 stations will be set up all over the city of Palma.
  • It will have 930 bicycles, of which 270 will be electric and 660 mechanical.
  • The number of docking points will increase from 660 to 1440 (all electrically charged).
  • The bicycles will have a geolocation system.
  • The mechanical bicycles will have a solar panel to recharge the panel’s batteries.