The streaming company has clarified that from Wednesday 8 February, the IP of the main location will have to be indicated on each account. If you want to share, you will be able to pay to have profiles outside your home

Netflix puts an end to shared accounts in Spain as we knew them until now. In a press release, the company has finally clarified the new requirements that have worried thousands of users.

Change of conditions

Netflix has announced that, from now on, subscribers will have to establish the main location of their account by connecting the device or application to an IP address. In addition, those who have a second home or frequently travel to another location must connect to the same wifi network as their primary location. This step should be repeated at least once a month. “We’ve always made it easy for people living under one roof to share their Netflix account with features like profiles and multi-screen viewing. While they’ve been hugely successful, they’ve also led to some confusion about when and how you can share Netflix,” the company said on its official blog.

From Wednesday 8 February onwards, the streaming service will apply its new access rules in Spain, but also in Portugal, New Zealand and Canada. It has previously tested it for 2022 in several Latin American markets.

How much it will cost to share accounts

According to the statement, subscribers will have to have more control over who can access their account. They caution that it is designed for a single household and the people who live there, so the company will help set up each account to establish the primary location. As before, subscribers to the standard (two logins) or premium (four logins) plans will be able to add sub-accounts to those they do not live with. Each will have its own profile, personalised recommendations, username and password, at an additional cost of €5.99 per month per person. This is the price it charges for its plan with advertising. In the case of the most comprehensive plan, two extra logins can be added. In the standard plan, only one. The basic plan without ads does not include this option. In addition, those who start using their own paid account will be allowed to move their profile, keeping their personalised recommendations, viewing history, playlist, or saved games.

What happens when we travel

As for the use of the platform while travelling, they assure that, as has been the case until now, subscribers will be able to watch Netflix on their personal devices or log in on another TV (in a hotel or a holiday rental, for example). The company recalls that there are currently more than 100 million households sharing their accounts. That reduces the company’s ability to invest in creating great stories, told with series and films of the highest quality.