In an evening full of recognition and celebration, Carmen Sampol, Encarna Piñero, Lina Mascaró and Rosa Esteva, outstanding businesswomen from the islands, were honoured at the fifth edition of the Telva/Actualidad Económica Awards for the Best Businesswomen in the Balearic Islands. These awards, organised for the past five years by Telva magazine, seek to honour the exceptional work and entrepreneurship of women who have left a significant mark in various business sectors.

The awards ceremony took place at the Son Verí estate, attended by the most prominent authorities of the islands, giving recognition not only to the individual entrepreneurs but also to the economic and social impact that their companies have generated in the region.

In this edition, the jury, made up of leading figures in the business world, recognised the diversity and excellence of the companies led by these women in sectors as diverse as applied engineering, tourism, fashion and footwear. The jury includes personalities such as Antonio Garamendi, president of the CEOE, and María Benjumea, president of Spain Startup, among others.

Categories and achievements

premio a empresarias de baleares telva

In the “Best Career Achievement” category, Carmen Sampol, CEO of Grupo Sampol, has been highlighted for her leadership in the development of engineering solutions applied to the energy sector and digitalisation. Founded 89 years ago in Mallorca, the company now operates in 22 countries and 4 continents, employing 1,600 people and participating in 4,000 projects.

Encarna Piñero, CEO of Grupo Piñero, has been awarded “Best Director” in recognition of her dedication and contribution to the family business, which has evolved from a travel agency in the 1970s to become a tourism empire with prominent brands such as Bahía Príncipe, placing it among the top seven companies by turnover.

Lina Mascaró, president of Grupo Mascaró, has received the award for “Best Innovative Entrepreneur”. Mascaró has led the international projection of products such as Pretty Ballerinas, a brand recognised by celebrities and which pays homage to Mascaró’s artisanal origins in the creation of ballet shoes.

Rosa Esteva, creator and designer of Cortana, has been honoured with the “Social Impact Award” for her contributions to the world of fashion. Cortana’s creations, characterised by the careful selection of fabrics and unique cuts, have been praised, and the Cortana Casa line, launched in collaboration with local artisans, highlights its social commitment.