An intense week begins in the Parliament that will confirm Marga Prohens as president of the Government. Today Monday 3rd of July begins the investiture debate and on Friday 7th Prohens will take office, while the Consell de Mallorca will be constituted on the 8th of July

The week begins in which the popular Marga Prohens will be invested as the new president of the Government of the Balearic Islands. In this sense, the parliamentary spokesman for the PP, Sebastià Sagreras, has assured that they will arrive at the investiture debate “with their homework done in order to fulfil the will for change expressed by the citizens at the ballot box”.

marga prohens y vox parlament PP facebook

PP and Vox, during the negotiations for the investiture of Prohens. Photo: PP.

The debate in Parliament begins today at 10:00 am. Prohens will make her speech and explain her government programme: among the most controversial issues are economic reforms, language and housing. After 24 hours have passed, the rest of the parties with parliamentary representation will reply.

Once all the speeches have been made, the first vote will be called, in which Marga Prohens will not be elected, as she will not achieve an absolute majority. She will then have to go to a second vote 48 hours later, on Thursday. In this second vote, as already announced, Vox will abstain and Prohens will be elected president of the Govern. Both parties reached an agreement with a document in which they subscribe to 110 points, including the free choice of schools and of the language used in education, the repeal of the law of historical memory and the lowering of taxes, among others.

Marga Prohens is expected to be sworn in as President of the Govern on Friday 7 July.

Where to follow the investiture debate

The debate can be followed on regional radio and television, IB3. Or on the Parlament de les Illes Balears’ YouTube channel. As for the constitution of the Consell de Mallorca, it could be constituted on Saturday the 8th of July. The session would begin at 18:30. The first vote will take place to elect the president of the island institution, the popular Llorenç Galmés, according to the government agreement signed between PP and Vox.