The event revolves around documentary and home cinema and will be held from October 3 to 7. The fifth edition of MajorDocs 2023 has as its guest of honor filmmaker Avi Mograbi, considered one of the great political filmmakers of our time

MajorDocs 2023 is the creative documentary film festival to be held in Mallorca from October 3 to 7. This year, filmmaker Avi Mograbi (Tel Aviv, 1956) will be the guest of honor. He will open the event with one of his films and will offer a master class on the creative process, in addition to chairing the jury of this fifth edition of the festival. He has participated in festivals such as Cannes, Berlin and Venice.

The fight against time continues to be the leitmotiv of the new edition of MajorDocs. This festival has promoted the ‘slow’ philosophy and slowness since its beginnings.

The vindication of slowness and truce will also be part of the conversation that the director of MajorDocs, Miguel Eek, will have with the essayist and writer Ramón Andrés (Pamplona, 1955). Andrés is the author of books such as “No sufrir compañía. Mystical writings on silence”, “History of suicide in the West” or “Thinking and not falling”.

On the other hand, the MajorDocs Pro sessions will be dedicated to ‘Montage as writing’. And a master class will be offered with one of the most internationally renowned editors, Sylvie Gardmet. Her work has premiered and won awards at festivals such as Cannes, Toronto and Visions du réel.

The entire program and the rest of the film dissemination activities can be found on its website.


MajorDocs 2023