The major commercial firms have agreed to start the summer sales on the 22nd of this month, with the possibility of accessing discounts from 10 pm on the 21st for purchases made online

Mallorca’s major retailers will begin their sales on 22nd June. The island’s traditional trade associations, Afedeco, Pimeco and Pimem-Comerç, believe that this decision should be postponed until 1 July. They are calling for small shops to wait until the traditional 1st of July, although it is acknowledged that many will opt to follow the large establishments.

In this sense, the 25th (Sunday) appears in the calendar of public holidays with authorised opening, which will allow large retailers to start the discount campaign with a whole weekend open to take advantage of the boost in sales during the first days of the sales campaign.

Reaction from tradicional commercetienda

The presidents of Afedeco and Pimeco, Toni Gayà and Antoni Fuster respectively, and the vice-president of Pimem-Comerç, Miguel Angel Salvá, have all agreed that it is “absurd” to start the summer sales when the season is only one day old (it starts on 21 June) and when only a small part of the summer clothing has been sold.

For this reason, Afedeco and Pimeco are planning to issue a joint communiqué recommending that their associates wait at least until the traditional 1st of July to apply the discounts, a position also shared by the vice-president of Pimem-Comerç.

The employers’ association recognises that if from the 22nd of this month small shops see their turnover fall significantly because they do not join the sales, many will opt to start applying discounts in order to compete with the big firms.