The new mayor of Palma, Jaime Martínez, this morning at a press conference presented the City Council’s government team, which will be made up of ten councillors, with Belén Soto as its spokesperson

PP Palma Javier Martínez

Image of the inauguration of Jaime Martínez, Mayor of Palma, together with Marga Prohens. Photo: PP.

The mayor of Palma City Council, Jaime Martínez (PP), this Monday presented his government team, which will be made up of a total of ten councillors from his party who “come from both the private sector and the public administration”.

As he explained at a press conference, the spokesperson for the government team will be Belén Soto. There will be seven deputy mayors. Javier Bonet will be the first and will be in charge of Tourism, Innovation, Culture, Sports, Restoration and the Municipal Corporation. The second will be Lourdes Roca, in charge of Social Services, Education, Citizen Participation, Youth, Interculturality and Equality.

Óscar Fidalgo will be the third deputy mayor and will be in charge of Town Planning, Housing and Strategic Projects. The fourth deputy mayor will be Mercedes Celeste, who will head the area of Finance, Public Function and Internal Government and will also be the deputy spokesperson for the government team.

Llorenç Bauzá de Keizer will be the fifth deputy mayor and councillor for the Environment, Sustainability, Natural Spaces and Animal Welfare. Belén Soto Mateu will be the sixth deputy mayor, spokesperson for the government team and responsible for Infrastructure and Accessibility. The seventh deputy mayor will be Antoni Deudero, who will be in charge of Mobility and Industrial Estates.

On the other hand, Miguel Busquets will be in charge of the Department of Public Safety and Civic-mindedness, an area delegated to the first deputy mayor.

María Luisa Marqués Rattier will be the councillor for the Elderly, delegated to the second deputy mayor; Lupe Ferrer will be in charge of Economy, Commerce, the Self-Employed, Health, Consumer Affairs, Markets and Fairs, an area delegated to the sixth deputy mayor.