The deputies of the Popular Party and Vox have elected Gabriel Le Senne as president of the Chamber by absolute majority in the first plenary session of the Parliament after the pre-agreement reached yesterday afternoon between the two parties

Vox deputy Gabriel Le Senne has been elected president of the Parliament by absolute majority in the plenary session of constitution of the Balearic Chamber that took place at 11am this Tuesday morning. Yesterday the ‘populares’ ceded this post to Vox in exchange for continuing to negotiate the investiture of Margalida Prohens so that she can govern alone. Le Senne closed his brief speech with a “long live the Balearic Islands and visca Espanya”. The new president arrives shrouded in controversy for his stance expressed on social networks against gender issues, feminism and the LGTBI movement.

pp baleares parlament

The parties then elected Mauricio Rovira (PP) and Mercedes Garrido (PSIB) as first and second vice-presidents of the Parliamentary Bureau. Finally, both parties proposed Misericordia Sugrañes (PP) and Pilar Costa (PSIB), who will be the first and second secretaries of the Bureau, which means that Més per Mallorca has been left out despite having asked the Socialists to give them a seat.In the first plenary session of the legislature, the deputies of Vox have been seated in the place previously occupied by the representatives of Unidas Podemos and El Pi. The only Morada MP, Menorca’s Cristina Gómez, moved to the mixed group along with Més per Menorca and Sa Unió de Formentera. El Pi was left out after failing to win a single representative in the 28-M regional elections.

As for the parties, Sebastià Sagreras (PP), Iago Negueruela (PSIB), Lluís Apesteguia (Més per Mallorca) and Idoia Ribas (Vox) will assume the spokespersonships.

PP-Vox negotiation process

From this moment on, a negotiation process begins between PP and Vox to obtain the abstention that will allow Marga Prohens to be president of the Government on her own. The pre-agreement signed on Monday sets out a series of key strategies, including the free choice of language in education, the repeal of the “only yes is yes” law, and the fight against illegal immigration.