The popular battles between Moors and Christians are the focus of the Firó de Sóller celebration in 2023, which takes place on the 15th of May in the Mallorcan valley municipality

The Firó de Sóller is a festival that commemorates the Saracen incursion that took place in the town on 11th May 1561. After the extraordinary feat of Sóller’s victory, the people of Sóller decided to celebrate and remember this event every year. It was in 1855 that the Town Council introduced the festivity. The day chosen was the Monday following the second Sunday in May, when the agricultural and livestock fair was held. Over the years, novelties and key elements have been introduced, such as the ‘Valentes Dones’, the battles in the Port, the sacking of the square, etc. Since the nineties, with the entry of the Firó Collectives (Moors, ‘pagesos’ and ‘pageses’), the festival has achieved significant popular success and participation.

firo de soller facebook ajuntament de soller

Un momento de la celebración del Firó de Sóller. Foto: Ajuntament de Sóller.

The Plaza de la Constitución is the place where this final battle between Moors and Christians takes place. The place has a maximum capacity of 8,000 people. Due to the large number of people attending the event, more than 150 troops are in charge of ensuring the safety of the celebration.

Programme of the Firó de Sóller

  • Floral offering. 10 am. At the Monument to the Heroes of the 11th of May. This will be followed by mass in Can Tamany, attended by the ‘Valentes Dones’, historical figures, authorities and ‘Xeremiers’ of Sóller. Seating capacity is limited.
  • Ringing of bells. 3 pm. Announces the start of the fiesta. After the announcement of the invasion of enemy ships, the peasants gather in the Plaça dels Estiradors to go to battle.
  • Plaça de la Constitució. 3.30 p.m. Capità Angelats commends himself to the Mare de Déu de la Victòria and encourages the peasants with “A la lluita, sollerics! The bandits arrive to help defend the town and receive a royal pardon.
  • Can Generós beach. 5 pm. The Saracen troops attempt to disembark but after a hard fight they are repulsed by the Sollerics.
  • Repic beach. 18:15 hours. The Saracens try again to disembark and finally succeed.

    Firó de Sóller Ajuntament de Sóller

    Tomeu ‘es barrut’, is the new ‘caparrot’ who will form part of the ‘colla’ of characters of the Firó. Photo: Facebook Ajuntament de Sóller.

  • Pont d’en Barona. 19:15 hours. Once the Soller troops have retreated, the hard battle to repel the invaders begins.
  • Plaza de la Constitución. 20:30. The Saracen troops disembark at Ses Puntes and enter the town through Camp de s’Oca. They sack the houses and the church.
  • 8:50 pm. King Ulutx Ali, who believes he is the victor, arrives to take possession of the Cases de la Vila and thus proclaim his victory.
  • At 21:00, the returning peasants find the town besieged and sacked. Regrouped in Sa Lluna street and encouraged by Captain Angelats, they fight bravely and finally defeat the enemy.
  • 21:30 hours. Captain Angelats proclaims the victory of the Sollerics and thanks the Mare de Déu de la Victòria. This is when the ‘Cant de la Balanguera’ is sung.
  • After the singing of the anthem of Mallorca, the Firó of 2023 comes to an end.