The Fires of Inca 2022 will bring autumn to life in the municipality until 17 November. Three fairs to get to know the capital of Raiguer that are expected to attract thousands of people. The Fira de la Terra (23 October), the Fira del Ocio y el Deporte (30 October) and the Fira de Época y Arte (6 November) will serve as a preamble to end with the traditional Dijous Bo, on 17 November 2022.

In total, the Fires de Inca have scheduled nearly two hundred events. Among the new features, the fair route has been extended and the Plaça del Mercat Cobert and Plaça Mallorca have been recovered as the focal point of the celebrations. In addition, the October Fest, the Circus Market, the Fireta Friqui and the Halloween Fair have been added to the programme.

The fairs will include traditional fairs, exhibitions and markets. But some of the most consolidated events in the Fires de Inca programme will also be back. Examples include the Tast de Ball, the Nit del Vi, Creativíssim and the Fira del Disc, among others. The mayor, Virgilio Moreno, assures in the greeting of the Fires de Inca 2022 programme that “once again, we have to take to the streets, fill the squares and recover our characteristic Inca pride by showing all that we have to offer and that makes us unique”.

Fires of Inca 2022 programme

The 2022 programme kicked off on 16 October and will continue with a host of activities for the public. To consult the complete programme of the Inca fairs, you can use the following link.

💡 Full programme of Fires de Inca 2022.

fires inca 2022