The Fira de sa Pobla (Sa Pobla Fair) will be held this weekend, 25th and 26th November, although the event runs until the 30th. A full programme of activities will fill the streets of the town with life during the month of November.

With the arrival of autumn, it is time for the fira de sa Pobla, an important event in the municipality’s festive calendar. For the past nine years, the event has been dedicated to ‘arròs pobler’ and its cultivation in ‘sa marjal’. This is a historic crop that was introduced in sa Pobla in 1901 and is still cultivated today. The fair is an opportunity to recognise this product, the farmers who still grow it and the labourers who, in the not so distant past, faced this hard work in the fields near s’Albufera.

The Fira de l’arròs pobler is also a showcase for the municipality’s entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, artisans and restaurateurs. It is a way of promoting this and other local products and their culture in order to turn them into the town’s economic driving force.

Among the many activities being organised is the gastronomic fair “Menjar bé a sa Pobla” (Good Food in Sa Pobla), which takes place from 17th to 26th November. It offers a menu of Mallorcan gastronomy, with traditional dishes such as ‘frit de bacallà’ (recipe from Sineu); ‘sípia amb salsa’ (‘poblera’ recipe); octopus salad (‘alcudienca’ recipe); ‘llagosta fregida’ (‘poblera’ recipe); carn amb tres tasses’ (recipe from Galilea); ‘allioli de tomàtiga de ramellet’ (recipe from Manacor) with coca de patata torrada and oil biscuits; rice pudding with hazelnut ice cream; snails; ‘porcella’; ‘arròs brut’; ‘llengua’ or ‘frit de porc’.

💡 Here you can consult the complete programme of the fira.

Programme of the VIII Fira de l’arròs pobler

Saturday 25th November

  • From 16 to 19 h. At Can Planes – Espais d’art i Cultura. Workshop on ‘cistelleria con bova’, by Pep Toni Ferrer, artisan ‘cordador’. Link for inscriptions. Information on tel. 609 602 239, free activity. Limited places.
  • At 16.45 h. At the entrance to the fair. El Jardí de l’Absència. Reading of the manifesto by Ana Gómez and minute’s silence on the occasion of the International Day against Gender Violence.
  • At 17 h. At Catarsi (Carrer Muntanya, 42). Demonstration by Nita Seguí (Instagram: nita_sonserra) on the creation of handmade glass fused jewellery.
  • At 5 p.m. In plaça Major. Official opening of the fira.
  • At 17.30 h. In plaça d’Alexandre Ballester. Children’s entertainment “Just Dance”.
  • From 5 p.m. on Saturday 25th and throughout Sunday 26th:
  • In the foyer of the Town Hall. Exhibition. “Les Elegides” by Fons Mallorquí.
  • At Can Verdal. Exhibition of embroidery by the different associations of the 3rd age. In the Plaça d’Alexandre Ballester. Stalls of the different associations, schools and children’s entertainment.
  • In Plaça del Mercat. A wide variety of attractions.
  • In carrer de D. Bartomeu Siquier (camí dels Molins d’Aigua). Concentration of motorhomes from the ABACES and AMMICCA associations.
  • At 19 h. At Can Planes – Espais d’art i Cultura. GAHRA in concert. Exclusive presentation of their new album “Dona’m temps”.
fira arros pobler sa pobla 2023

Foto: Ajuntament de sa Pobla.

Sunday 26th November

  • In carrer Gran. Sunday market.
  • At 9 a.m. At sa Fortalesa. VII Mostra de ca de bestiar del Club Nacional del Pastor Mallorquí.
  • From 9.30 a.m. In Plaça Major. Preparation of ‘arròs brut pobler’ by Biel Serra Comas “Pepis”. Around 1 p.m., solidarity tasting for the benefit of Llar de Memòria. Tickets must be collected in the square before the tasting.
  • In carrer Major. Exhibition of “Vespa” motorbikes by the Amics Vespers de sa Pobla.
  • In carrer Míster Green and carrer Comerç. Exhibition of classic, vintage and sports cars.
  • In the car park next to the Municipal Police. Display of material, exhibition and exhibition of the Army, the Guardia Civil and Civil Protection.
  • In Asalto Street (next to the Church). Concentration of antique and classic motorbikes from the Es Siurell de Marratxí Club.
  • At 10 a.m. At sa Fortalesa. Equestrian show by the group Amics del cavall de sa Pobla (Friends of the Horse of Sa Pobla).
  • At 10.30 a.m. At Catarsi (Carrer Muntanya, 42). Exhibition of the craft of palm making by Pep Toni Ferrer (Instagram:
  • At 10.45 am. In Plaça Alexandre Ballester. Children’s entertainment “Just Dance”.
    From 11 a.m. Parade of the “Circ del nord”.
  • At 12.30 h. Juggling accompanied by “les Estrafolàries” with music. Planned itinerary: Carrers Muntanya, Asalto, Església, Major and Plaça Major.
  • At 13 h. In Plaça Alexandre Ballester. Exhibition of Martial Arts for children, youth and adults: Taekwondo and Muay Thai by the Dinàmic gymnasium.
  • At 16.30 h. In Plaça Alexandre Ballester. Children’s entertainment “Tiktok Trending Dance”.
  • At 18.30 h. In the church of Sa Pobla. Fira de Tardor 2023 Concert by the Sa Pobla Music Band. Homage to Gaspar Aguiló Forteza “Guixó” with the special collaboration of Ses Jonqueres Veres.
  • At 19 h. In sa Congregació. Theatre. Midsummer. Author: David Greig. Directed and adapted by: Joan M. Albinyana. Performers: Carme González and Daniele Fregapane. Musicians: Fausto Morell, Miquel Marquet, Sara Mingolla. Assistant director and assistant director and executive producer: Luis Baró. Length: 96′. Recommended age: +16 years old. Admission: 8 €.