The Robert Graves Foundation presents the photographic exhibition “Una estranya a la festa. Trobades amb Robert Graves”, a compilation of previously unpublished photographs of the author in his most everyday and personal surroundings. The exhibition is accompanied by a booklet with the same title, which also includes letters and texts written by Graves himself. The research work has been carried out by Pere Lacomba and Eduard Moyà. The photographic exhibition can be visited until the 9th of January on the first floor of the Centro Cultural la Misericordia, Palma.

Moyà and Lacomba have made a selection of photographs and texts to bring to light the more intimate, everyday side of Graves, in a festive, communal way, through the poet’s birthday celebrations, the festivities of Saint John’s Day or the meetings at Can Alluny. An opportunity to get to know the more unknown side of Graves. The exhibition is accompanied by texts and a publication, the result of interviews and epistolary research into these celebrations.

Every reader of Robert Graves recognises the weight of his love poetry and his historical prose. His knowledge and his immeasurable poetic legacy mean that the Danish poet is often thought of as a solitary, lusty and severe writer. What is unknown to the general public is the more human, humorous and jovial side of the poet.

Beyond the myth that many admirers created of Graves, the poet enjoyed the contact with people close to him, the parties with friends and townspeople who mingled to enjoy the little plays created by Graves on the occasion of his birthday or local festivals. The researchers Eduard Moyà and Pere Lacomba have found an unpublished collection of photographs that bear witness to the time when Can Alluny was a party.