As we move into spring, Mallorca and Menorca are preparing to face the season of high danger of forest fires. The Consell de Govern has taken the decision to bring forward the start of this period of risk on these islands to the 15th of April, thus joining the Pitiusas islands which have already been under this alert since the 1st of April.

The current weather conditions have generated concern, especially due to the prolonged drought and the lack of rainfall in the coming weeks. This scenario significantly increases the availability of forest fuel, raising the risk of fires to very high or extreme levels.

In order to prevent disasters, the use of fire is prohibited on forest land and within a 50-metre radius of it. In addition, any kind of burning in recreational areas of the Balearic Islands is forbidden. Those who need to burn on agricultural land within 500 metres of forest land must request prior authorisation.

Reinforcement of the fire-fighting operation in Mallorca

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In view of this situation, the government has decided to reinforce the inter-island forest fire operation (OIIF), providing additional brigades for first intervention in the event of an emergency. In Mallorca, a heliborne brigade has been added since the end of March, and in Ibiza an additional heliborne brigade will be added as of next Monday.

The OIIF, made up of more than 350 people, including forestry technicians, environmental agents and brigade members, is preparing to face the challenges of this fire season in Mallorca. In addition, technical and operational innovations will be implemented, as foreseen in the new contract for aerial means for the defence against forest fires.

To date, 25 forest fires have been recorded in the Balearic Islands, consuming more than 16 hectares of land. It is essential that the community is informed about the current recommendations and regulations on the use of fire, available at

In the midst of this situation, everyone’s collaboration is crucial to prevent fires and protect the natural environment. Awareness and precaution are the best tools to face this fire danger season in Mallorca.

💡 This was the balance of fires in Mallorca in 2023.