Pollença Town Council has decreed an immediate halt to the works on the Hotel Formentor. The announcement was made by the environmental group GOB, which claims that the council has proved them right “regarding the illegality of the complete demolition” of the emblematic hotel. The environmental group denounced the fact that the demolition had been carried out without the required municipal authorisation and outside of the actions covered by the licence granted. Therefore, they claim, it is “an action that constitutes a serious infringement in accordance with the provisions of Article 163.2.c) of the LUIB”.

The information published by GOB states that the decree of the Town Hall of Pollença orders the commercial entity Formentor Bay, S.L. the immediate suspension of the works in execution within 24 hours, without prejudice to the sanctioning measures of the works in execution; a procedure of restoration of urban legality is initiated against this entity and it is given a period of 2 months to apply for the appropriate license.

The GOB demands that the Town Hall review the legality of the licences granted to the Hotel up to now, as they warn that even the reform and extension licences do not comply with the PGOU of Pollença. For this reason, the environmental organisation expressed its astonishment that, while the debate on the demolition of the hotel was ongoing, the island’s Tourism department, which now has the powers, endorsed the project for the reconstruction and extension of the Hotel Formentor.