The traditional Three Kings’ Day performance, l’Adoració dels Tres Reis d’Orient 2024, directed by Bernat Pujol, according to the text by Llorenç Moyà, has been going on for 39 years. It will be held, as is tradition, on the 6th of January at 11:30 am at Ses Voltes and is full of expectation to see what criticism, in the tone of humour or “black pudding”, will be included in this new year.

The director of the production, Bernat Pujol, and many of the actors and actresses who this year will play the different characters in l’Adoració dels Tres Reis d’Orient 2024 presented this week what is one of the must-see events of the Christmas festivities in Palma.

One of the most peculiar features of the staging of this show is that most of the performances are given by people from Palma and island society known for their activity in the world of politics, journalism, business, culture and many other fields.

Specifically, in this new edition, the artistic team, under the direction of Bernat Pujol and Mateu Fiol, is made up of the following:

– Rafel Fiol (master of ceremonies)
– Xisco Ródenas (Herodes)
– Jaume Guiscafré (steward)
– Maria Duran (secretary)
– Pau Cladera (general)
– Josep Antoni Moyà (leader of the Gegans i Capgrossos)
– Pep Lluís Cortés (King Gaspar)
– Víctor Uwagba (King Balthasar)
– Mercè Comas (servant of King Melchior)
– Joan Mas ‘Collet’ (King Gaspar’s servant)
– Dayana Valdés (King Balthasar’s servant)
– Pep Guerrero (Doctor of the Law 1)
– Malena Riudavets (Doctor of the Law 2)
– Toni Vallès (Sibil-la)
– Esteban Mercer (Sant Josep)
– Margalida Mateu (Maria Santíssima)
– María del Mar López (Angel)
– Sebastià L. Aguiló (Dimoni)
– Joan Francesc Barceló (spokesman of the shepherds 1)
– Catalina Dijksterhuis (spokesperson for the shepherds 2)
– Paz Talens (spokesperson for pastors 3)
– Pep Martínez (shepherds’ spokesperson 4)
– Carles Expósito, Aina Segura, Isabel Sales, Catalina Sales, Pep Balaguer and Àngel Gené (group of shepherds).

The performances of the Adoració dels Tres Reis d’Orient in Ses Voltes have been going on for 39 years. Its author, Llorenç Moyà, commemorated the centenary of his birth in Binissalem in 2016.

He died in Palma in 1981. Throughout his career, Moyà cultivated all kinds of literary genres, especially poetry and theatre, in which he was awarded the Premi Ciutat de Palma (City of Palma Prize) in 1955 and 1962.

He wrote his adaptation of the Adoració dels Tres Reis d’Orient in 1966, based on a medieval piece that the author updated in an attempt to recover the purity of the original text, preserving the metrics of the popular work.