Cort opens the car park next to the CLH depots with 120 spaces and a direct connection to L1 and L4 of the EMT Palma, as part of the works on the Paseo Marítimo

The Palma City Council today opened to the public the new park-and-ride car park that has been set up as part of the remodelling work on the Paseo Marítimo. At the same time, EMT Palma is extending the route of the L1 bus from today to include a new stop located in front of the park-and-ride car park.

New car park at CLH for 120 cars

In this first phase, the car park opens with capacity for 120 vehicles and can accommodate up to 800 spaces.

How to access the new car park?

This space, which can be accessed from Carrer Joan Miró 227B, occupies a 30,000 square metre site which can progressively accommodate up to 800 spaces.


Nuevo paseo marítimo


Extension of the EMT Line 1 route

EMT line 1, which runs from Portopí to Sindicat street, has been extended as of today with a new stop located in front of the park-and-ride car park, in Joan Miró street, at the same stop as L4 (stop 92 of the EMT Palma).

Thus, the car park will have a direct connection, on the one hand, to the Paseo Marítimo with the L1, which has doubled its service and has a frequency of 12 minutes since last week. There will also be a direct connection to the whole area of Avinguda Joan Miró, the neighbourhood of El Terreno and Marqués de la Sènia via the L4 (Illetes- Plaça de les Columnes), which has a 10-minute frequency.

Improved connectivity while work on the promenade continues

Over the last few months, the Infrastructures and Accessibility area has been improving this space with lighting, a water collection system, cleaning the site and correcting the existing unevenness. In addition, over the last few days, the installation of a new traffic light and a new pedestrian crossing at the intersection between Carrer Joan de Saridakis and Carrer Joan Miró has been coordinated with Sustainable Mobility to make the new bus stop safer.

New park-and-ride car parks at Moll de les Golondrines and Federico García Lorca

This new car park is in addition to the park-and-ride car parks that have been opened in the Moll de les Golondrines by the Port Authority, with a capacity for 80 vehicles. As well as the car park that opened at the beginning of January in calle Federico García Lorca, with capacity for 130 vehicles. All of them will improve the connectivity of the Paseo Marítimo while the remodelling work is being carried out.

The remodelling work on the promenade, which is being carried out by the Port Authority, has a budget of 38 million euros and is expected to last 20 months. These works will remodel 183,670 square metres and transform it into a green promenade where the pedestrian is the protagonist.