Unemployment continues to drop in the Balearic Islands in January 2023, to 35,554 unemployed, 34.7% less than a year earlier and 41% less than in the same month of 2019, before the pandemic. These are the data published this Thursday by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy

The Balearic Islands have 18,881 fewer unemployed people than in January 2022 and 24,662 fewer than in 2019. Between December and January, unemployment also fell, by 0.8%, with 297 fewer unemployed.

Thus, the Balearic Islands continue to lead the decrease in the number of unemployed year-over-year. And it was the only Community that dropped the unemployment lists from December to January.

In terms of Social Security affiliation, in January it reached 45,815 enrolled in the Balearic Islands, 4.1% more than in January of the previous year, with 17,822 more; and it has decreased by 1.3% compared to December, with 6,206 fewer.

Of the total unemployed, 14,801 are men and 20,733 are women, and there are 3,360 people under 25 years old. The indefinite contracts signed in the Balearic Islands in January were 14,490, which are 8,064 more than in January of the previous year, a 125.5% increase; and 4,254 more than in December, a 41.5% increase. The temporary contracts were 6,862, a 58.8% decrease and 20.3% less than in December.