World Women’s Day 8M was celebrated in Palma with two separate marches: that of the Feminist Movement of Mallorca and the Transfeminist 8M Coordinating Committee

4,500 people was yesterday in two marches for the World Women’s Day. On the occasion of 8M the Feminist Movement of Mallorca and the Coordinadora 8M Transfeminista have organised two separate demonstrations. It’s because the latter considers that the trans collective has been excluded by ‘classic’ feminism.

From the transfeminist collective want to ‘guarantee a safe space for trans women and that they have the protagonism that they have to have on 8M’, according to their spokesperson Sara Barceló. Protagonism that they consider that has been left aside since ‘the Feminist Movement of Mallorca (Moviment Feminista) has not put on its public agenda the struggle and the visibility of the problems of the trans collective’, they criticize.


Why is 8M International Women’s Day?

The history of International Women’s Day is linked to women workers’ days of protest that began in the early years of the 20th century. Among many other historical events, this day commemorates the tragic fire that ravaged the Triangle Shirtwais shirt factory in New York in March 1911, in which 146 people died, most of them women.

The women workers at the factory had gone on strike to win the same labour rights as their male counterparts. The dead died trapped, as the employers had closed all the exits. This event had a major impact on labour law in the United States.


Isabel Rosauro 8M

Photo: @IsabelRosauro.


When were the 8M marches?

Coordinadora 8M Transfeminista march

  • The first was organised by the Coordinadora 8M Transfeminista (Transfeminist 8M Coordinating Committee) and takes place at 18.00 from Plaza de España; it passed through Plaza Mayor and end in Plaza de Cort. Under the slogan ‘Foc al capitalisme, foc al patriarcat’ (Fire to capitalism, fire to patriarchy) they demanded a “class feminism” and a “transinclusive feminism”, according to the organisation.
  • Members of the Coordinadora, feminist and LGBTIQ+ collectives and organisations was at the head of the demonstration. They was followed by a ‘free block’ of individuals and feminist groups, and finally the political parties and organisations. Batucadas closed the demonstration.


March by the Feminist Movement of Mallorca

  • Under the slogan ‘Fuertes, Juntas y En Pie’ (Strong, Together and Standing Up), the demonstration of the Feminist Movement of Mallorca took place one hour later, at 7 pm.
  • It starts at the Parc de Ses Estacions, continues along Avenidas, Ramblas and carrer Unió, and was end at Passeig del Born.