As required by parliamentary regulations, the Congress of Deputies has made public the assets and income of the deputies of the legislature that starts in 2023, including eight representatives of the Balearic Islands.

The socialist and president of the Congress, Francina Armengol, has declared her habitual residence, acquired in August 2002, and a deposit of 88,009 € corresponding to current accounts, insurance and a pension plan, as well as a second-hand Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicle.

The deputy for the Balearic Islands of the Popular Parliamentary Group in Congress, Sandra Fernández, states that she does not have any assets. In her current account she declares a balance of €4,230, while under ‘Other assets’ she lists a pension plan worth €4,530. Her declaration also includes a car (Fiat 500) purchased in December 2015.

Milena Herrera, PSOE deputy, declares a flat in community of property that she bought in March 2022, savings of €3,800 and a Ford Ecoesport, which would be her usual vehicle. She also lists a personal loan of €10,000, of which €8,357 remains to be repaid, and a car loan of €18,475, of which €4,362 remains to be repaid. Also, a mortgage of €132,222 with an outstanding balance of €69,855.

In his declaration of assets and income, Jorge Campos, of the Vox Parliamentary Group, registers a 140-metre freehold flat acquired by inheritance and donation as well as a savings account with €10,000 and a Toyota Land Cruiser, in addition to a mortgage loan of €100,000, with an outstanding balance of €90,164.

PP deputy José Vicente Marí Bosó declares a flat in Ibiza as his habitual residence in full ownership and €12,734 spread over three current accounts. His assets also include a Nissan Qashqai car and a pension plan worth 51,066 €. Maria owes €211,287 to CaixaBank for a mortgage loan of €369,000 that the bank granted her in 2004.

For his part, socialist deputy Pepe Mercadal has a flat in Belgium that he acquired in 2021 and 3 flats, 1 house and 1 flat in the Balearic Islands with which he shares ownership and which were donated to them, as well as 1 parking space. Mercadal declares €98,071 from 4 current accounts and a shared investment fund as well as a Volkswagen Golf. As debt, he registers a mortgage loan with an outstanding balance of 249,476 €.

Joan Mesquida Mayans, of the Popular Parliamentary Group, includes in his assets a plot of land and a house in Menorca with 50% freehold, and 8% of a hotel owned by the company Mont Central SL (440,000 €). He has €82,000 in his current account and uses a Toyota Auris hybrid car owned by Mont Central to get around.

The only Balearic deputy of Sumar in Congress, Vicenç Vidal Matas, declares having received €8,400 as a landlord and having in his possession an urban flat acquired in 2021 and an urban house that was donated to him in 2012. He has €128,026 in his current account.