A new edition of the small business stock fair takes to the streets of Palma to sell its end-of-season products on the 9th, 10th and 11th of March

The stock fair takes place from tomorrow the 9th of March until Saturday and is supported by PalmaActiva. The Small and Medium-Sized Business Association of Mallorca, PIMECO, will take advantage of the event to sell its end-of-season products.
The Town Hall supports the initiatives to revitalise commerce that promote the commercial and business fabric in order to encourage and promote small businesses.


fira d'estocs pimeco

Where are the stalls located?

This stock fair takes place in areas requested by the employers’ association. The stalls can be located in the commercial areas of:

  • Sindicato
  • Los Geranios
  • c. Platería
  • c. Joan Alcover
  • Pere Garau
  • c. General Riera
  • c. Baron Santa Maria del Sepulcre


The initiative involves clothes, shoes, furniture, leather goods, decoration, accessories and books shops.

During these 3 days, the establishments can sell the products that have not been sold during the season. Shops can set up a stall in the street in front of their premises.