The PP is the most voted party, the PSOE resists, Vox collapses and Sumar becomes the fourth political force.

With 136 seats, 47 more than in 2019, the PP has been the most voted force in the 2023 general elections. However, investing its candidate, Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, as president will be a difficult task, as a coalition with Vox, which won 33 seats in these elections (19 fewer than in the previous elections), would not reach the necessary absolute majority (176 seats).

The PSOE, with 122 seats, two more than in 2019, was the second most voted political force in the elections of 23J, although the results of the elections, with the presence of parties of different signatures, also complicate the investiture of Pedro Sánchez as president of the Government. In both the left and right-wing blocs, electoral pacts will be necessary to avoid a situation of institutional deadlock that could lead to a repeat of the elections, which could be held towards the end of the year.

The Sumar coalition, headed by Yolanda Díaz, has emerged as the fourth political force with 31 seats, four less than the United Podemos four years ago. Among the pro-independence forces, which are losing strength in Congress in favour of the two-party system, Junts won seven seats and its position will be key to favouring a possible government that would be made up of PSOE, Sumar, ERC, EH Bildu, PNV and BNG. In the other bloc, Feijóo, who has recalled that his party was the most voted and has expressed his willingness to open dialogue with other formations, could try to join forces with Vox, UPN and Coalición Canaria.

ERC, for its part, suffers a setback, losing six seats in Congress, while EH Bildu (6 seats) is ahead of the PNV (5 seats) for the first time. The BNG retained its seat and UPN and Coalición Canaria gained one seat. There will be 11 parties in the Chamber:

  • PP – 136 seats
  • PSOE – 122 seats
  • Vox – 33 seats
  • Sumar – 31 seats
  • Junts – 7 seats
  • ERC – 7 seats
  • EH Bildu – 6 seats
  • PNV – 5 seats
  • UPN – 1 seat
  • Coalición Canaria – 1 seat
  • BNG – 1 seat

Elecciones 23 J