In the summer campaign they have also seized 600 bottles of alcohol and soft drinks and 200 kg of fruit

The Local Police of Llucmajor have disposed of more than 7,000 objects that were confiscated during the months of July and August in the tourist areas of the municipality. Most of the items, which included sunglasses, hats, costume jewellery, soft toys, clothes, etc., were imitations of leading brands.

In addition, during the same period, the security forces seized more than 600 bottles of alcohol and soft drinks from street vendors, as well as 200 kg of fruit that were to be sold mainly on the beaches of s’Arenal de Llucmajor and Cala Pi.

Local police officers in Llucmajor have opened a total of 141 reports which have led to all these actions. The councillor for Security, Jaume Garau, expressed his satisfaction with the results of the campaign: “They are double the results of the pre-pandemic years and reflect the efforts made by the Security Department”. For her part, the mayoress of Llucmajor, Xisca Lascolas, described this type of campaign as “very necessary” “to remove from circulation objects that are normally counterfeit” and “affect the traders in our municipality”.

Objetos decomisados por la Policía Local de Llucmajor