966,435 is the number of overnight hotel stays in Balearic hotels recorded last March. This represents a growth of 15.45%

According to the latest data published this Monday by the National Statistics Institute (INE), overnight stays in hotel establishments in the Balearic Islands reached 966,435 in March 2023. This figure compares with 817,111 in the same period in 2022. It represents an increase of 15.45%.

Of the total of more than 966,000 overnight stays registered on the islands, 177,529 were by residents in Spain and 788,906 by residents abroad.

In addition, in March there were 233,738 travellers in the Balearic archipelago, compared to 202,457 in the same period last year.

Airlines schedule 43 million seats in the Balearic Islands this summer, up 7.4%

On the other hand, the pressures of the airlines contemplate almost three million more seats this summer in the Balearic Islands, a figure that is above the record year that was 2019. This would reach 43,122,033 seats in the Balearic Islands this summer, compared to 40,146,977 seats in the high season of 2019. These are data from the Association of Airlines (ALA).

The archipelago leads the growth in air seats, along with the Canary Islands and Andalusia.

The three Balearic airports are close to the forecast of seats of Madrid-Barajas, with 43.7 million. Neither Madrid nor Barcelona reached the pre-pandemic air seats, with falls of 3.1 % and 7.9 %, respectively.