The registration period for the 0-3 year old ‘escoletes’, both public and complementary, is open until 31st March

A total of 10,539 places are available in the schooling process for children aged 0-3 years old. These are places for centres in the public network of ‘escoletes’ and also for private schools integrated in the complementary network.

When can the application be submitted?

Applications can be submitted both in person and online, on the website of the Conselleria d’Educació. You can access the procedure with a Gestib password or user name, and also anonymously.


According to the calendar, applications for places can be made until 31 March.

  • On 12 May, the provisional lists will be published and there will be a period for complaints.
  • On 30 May, the definitive lists will be posted.
  • The deadline for enrolment is 15 June.

Centres in figures

In all the islands, 7,473 places are available in the public network and 3,066 in the complementary private network. The private ‘escoletes’ that do not form part of the complementary network have their own enrolment process.