From today, Monday 18 December, the speed limit on the vía de Cintura (ring road) will be increased from 80 kilometres per hour to 100 km/h. Except in the Génova tunnel and the level crossings at the Can Blau roundabout, where the speed remains at 80 km/h.

The increase in speed on the ring road is a measure that the new government of the Consell de Mallorca announced it would implement at the beginning of the legislature, this summer.

This decision has been welcomed, in principle, by different sectors of Mallorcan society. The transport employers’ association assures that it will improve road traffic. Taxi drivers, who suffer daily traffic jams on the Cintura road, are also of the same opinion and hope that driving will be speeded up, especially at night. The island’s ecologists are not of the same opinion, as they believe that the change in speed will have an even greater impact on the environment. Noise pollution, they say, is one of the biggest problems.

It was in the previous legislature, at the beginning of February 2021, that the speed on the Cintura road was changed from 120 kilometres per hour to 80 km/hr.