Strike at 7 German airports. At least 15 flights are expected to be cancelled at Son Sant Joan airport, to and from the cities of Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Suttgart, Dortmund, Hannover and Bremen. Numerous delays are also occurring. More than 2,300 flights have been cancelled at European airports

Complicated day at European airports. More than 2,300 flights have been cancelled due to a strike by civil aviation ground and security staff at seven German airports. This will leave almost 300,000 passengers unable to travel. At Son Sant Joan, at least 15 routes at Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Suttgart, Dortmund, Hannover and Bremen are scheduled to be cancelled. This also affects other scheduled routes in Germany, with numerous delays in the early hours of the morning.

The German airports most affected are the country’s two largest airports, Frankfurt and Munich. They have almost suspended all scheduled connections. Civil aviation ground and security workers at these and five other German airports are demanding a wage increase of 10.5% or 500 euros for 2.5 million employees in the sector to cope with the high inflation of recent months. For the time being, no further strike days have been called. Negotiations resume on Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Delays and cancellations for Lufthansa connecting Germany to Palma

AENA reports that there are four connections scheduled for today with Frankfurt cancelled: two departures from Palma, in the morning and afternoon, and two arrivals, also in the morning and afternoon.

The strike will mean that many German tourists who were spending a few days in Mallorca and had booked a return flight for today, Friday, will have to extend their stay for an extra night.