Easter in Mallorca 2024 will fuse faith, tradition and emotion. The presentation of the events for 2024, held at the Palau Episcopal on Tuesday, 27 February, anticipates a celebration full of novelties and special meanings.

The essence of the Holy Week processions in Mallorca, as Bishop Sebastià Taltavull explained, goes beyond the purely religious. They are “an act of manifestation of faith, an act of penitence and a pilgrimage for Catholics”. This year, the aim is to bring “a message of renewed hope and illusion to counteract the social pessimism we are experiencing today”.

What’s new for Easter in Mallorca 2024?

semana santa mallorca 2024

Within the framework of the novelties presented, the emphasis on certain events that add a special touch to Easter Week in Mallorca 2024 stands out:

  • Palma: One of the new features this year is the celebration of the Proclamation on 15th March in the Convent of Santa Clara. This coincides with the fact that it is the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Santo Cristo de la Agonía, which celebrates its centenary in 2024. All the processions maintain their usual times and routes, except for Maundy Thursday. The Sant Crist de la Sang procession will return to its old route. It will leave the Sanctuary of the Annunciation at 19:00 and go through the streets of Oms, Sant Miquel, Plaça Major, Colom, Plaça de Cort, Palau Reial, to the Seu. Here a special prayer will be held.
  • Llucmajor: The Sermó de l’Enganalla in the Franciscan convent of Sant Bonaventura stands out as a key moment. In addition, on Diumenge de l’Àngel, when celebrating the Feast of the Christ of Hope, it takes on an even more special significance as it commemorates the 400th anniversary of the fire in the chapel, an event that miraculously did not affect the venerated image of the Holy Christ.
  • Pollença: On Good Friday at 21:00, at the top of the Calvary, the staging of the Davallament de Jesús de la Creu will take place, followed by an emotional procession through the streets of Pollença. The event will include chants, prayers and the recitation of the poem “Processó” by Costa i Llobera.
  • Inca: The 4th edition of the Converses, with the participation of Cardinal Omella, president of the Episcopal Conference and archbishop of Barcelona, adds a touch of enriching spiritual dialogue. The interview will be screened on 23 March in Santa Maria la Major after the Vigil of Palm Sunday and the procession of the banners.

Guide to Easter processions in Palma 2024

semana santa palma 2024

Easter in Palma is one of the most popular on the island. Numerous processions pass through the streets of the capital during Easter Week in Palma 2024. The most outstanding ones are the following:

  • 22nd March – Friday of Sorrows:
    • Procession of the Banners – 17:00. Departure from Sant Antoniet convent.

procesion dels estendards palma 2024

  • 24th March – Palm Sunday:
    • Procession of the Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem – 18:00. Starting point: Sant Jaume parish church.

procesión semana santa palma entrada jesus en jerusalén

  • 25th March – Easter Monday:
    • Procession of Sant Crist dels Boters – 21:00. From the Church of Sant Joan de Malta.

sant crist dels boters semana santa mallorca 2024

    • Procession of Our Lady of Hope and Peace – 20:15. Departure from the Basilica of Sant Francesc.

procesión buen perdón mallorca 2024

    • Procession of Sant Crist de la Agonia – 20:30. From the convent of Santa Clara.

procesión del sant crist de la agonia

  • 26th March – Holy Tuesday:
    • Procession of Our Lady of Sorrows – 21:00. From the Church of Sant Nicolau.

semana santa palma virgen dolorosa

  • 27th March – Holy Wednesday:
    • Procession of the Sant Crist de Santa Creu – 20:30. From the Church of Santa Creu.

sant crist de santa creu procesión 2024

    • Procession of the Way of Gethsemane – 21:00. Starting point: Sagrat Cor Church.

procesión camino de getsemani mallorca 2024

  • 28th March – Maundy Thursday:
    • Procession of the Sant Crist de la Sang – 19:00. It will start and finish at the Church of the Annunciation of Mary, with a stop at the Cathedral.

procesión sant crist de la sang palma 2024

  • 29th March – Good Friday:
    • Procession of the Sant Enterrament – 19:00. From the Basilica of Sant Francesc.

procesión del sant enterrament palma 2024

The Bishopric of Mallorca has published the complete programme for Easter Week in Mallorca 2024. You can access it by clicking on the following image of the poster of Easter Week in Mallorca.