The coastal cleaning boats of the Regional Ministry of the Sea and Water Cycle removed a total of 5,263.97 kilos of waste in the Balearic Islands in September. This amount is distributed among the different islands of the archipelago with a daily average of 188 kilos. The clean-up campaign has been possible thanks to the uninterrupted work of the beach and coastal boats. In total, 3,869.20 kilos of waste were removed by beach boats and 1,394.77 kilos by coastal boats.

In Mallorca 3,295.79 kilos were removed, in Menorca 1,114.78 kilos, in Eivissa 588.20 kilos and in Formentera 265.20 kilos. Plastic was the predominant material with 50.26%, followed by wood with 25.62% and dead vegetation with 12.26%. With regard to special actions, in Mallorca pieces of a boat, a hammock and several shovels were removed; in Menorca a plastic drum and a drifting boat were located; in Ibiza an oil and fuel dispersion was intervened, in addition to extracting several branches; and in Formentera a drum full of oil was recovered and a hydrocarbon dispersion was attended to.

As for the warnings received during September, the Regional Ministry of the Sea dealt with a total of five. Of these, four were managed in collaboration with the 112 Emergency Service and Maritime Rescue, and one was reported by institutions and individuals. These actions bring to an end the 2023 clean-up campaign, which began last June and which worked until 30 September to keep our coastline clean.