The actress became a sex icon of the 1970s and rose to popularity with films such as ‘One Million Years B.C.’

The American actress Raquel Welch, has died Wednesday at the age of 82 after an illness. This has been confirmed by Welch’s family through the celebrity portal TMZ. According to her relatives, the actress has suffered “a brief illness” of which details are not known.

Raquel Welch was born in Chicago in 1940 and is the daughter of a Bolivian engineer who moved to the United States. She began her career with Elvis Presley in ‘Roustabout’ (1964). He would later obtain more relevant work in films such as ‘Fantastic Voyage’ (1966).

The prehistoric adventure ‘One Million Years B.C.’ (1966) would catapult her to success and turn her into a sex icon. The promotional poster for the film went down in film history.

The actress also participated in films such as ‘Lady in Cement’ (1968), alongside Frank Sinatra, the western ‘Hannie Caulder’ (1971) and ‘Fathom’ (1967).



Poster of the film ‘One Million Years B.C.’. Filmin