The one hundred companies with the highest turnover in the Balearic Islands show that tourism is the dominant activity on the islands, although companies from other sectors are also included. Energy, finance, transport, construction and real estate are other activities reflected in the ranking of Balearic companies. Mallorca accounts for 93 of the 100 companies with the highest turnover in recent years. And although most of them are located in Palma, the leading company in the archipelago is outside the capital. It is Air Europa, based in Llucmajor, whose sales in 2022 amounted to a staggering 2,342,271,000 euros. This is more than double the amount recorded in 2021. Completing the top 5 are Criteria Caixa SAU, Gas y Electricidad Generación SA, Axa Mediterranean Holding and Cecosa Supermercados Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal.

For the preparation of this ranking, based on INFORMA D&B data, the net turnover of the individual accounts for the financial year 2021 or 2022 has been used, according to the official accounts deposited by the companies in the Mercantile Registries and contained in the Informa database. This is the latest public data, obtained in December 2023. At Mallorca Global Mag, we offer you the possibility of consulting this ranking of the Balearic companies with the highest turnover, the top 200.

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