The City Council has documented the existence of remains of the Renaissance wall at two points in Plaza de España

Tasting work being carried out in the Plaza de España as part of the renovation of the paving in this area has brought to light remains of the Renaissance wall that were already documented.

As foreseen in the contract for this work, which was awarded for 2.5 million euros to the company Melchor Mascaró, the archaeological service contracted will document the two points where the presence of the wall has been confirmed to date. They are in front of a fast-food establishment on the corner of Marie Curie street and in the part next to Porta Pintada square, in front of a bank establishment.


muralla renacentista plaza españa

Procedure for the conservation of the wall

For its conservation, the archaeology service locates the remains and documents the depth at which the wall is located and informs the Consell de Mallorca’s Heritage Department.

In this sense, the works and the excavations that are being carried out are continuing as planned, and the same protocol will continue to be applied through the contracted archaeology service.

Likewise, the technicians of the pavement renovation project that is being carried out will study solutions so that the new pavement can include a topographical trace that will allow the public to see at a glance the points in the subsoil of the Plaza de España through which the Renaissance wall runs.


plaza España muralla renacentista