The Bombers de Mallorca, dependent on the Insular Directorate of Emergencies of the Consell de Mallorca, have launched a communication campaign through social networks to warn citizens about the risk of fire in homes caused by scooters and other personal mobility vehicles. The aim is to prevent misuse of this type of transport, which can cause fires and other accidents in homes.

In recent years, personal mobility vehicles, such as electric scooters, have proliferated. It is very common to find such devices in every home in Mallorca, mainly because of the convenience they offer for getting around cities, as well as the ease of charging, as they only need to be connected to the mains. However, charging these vehicles also requires great care, according to the Consell de Mallorca, as they can be the source of a fire or some other type of accident. They have even been banned from buses, metros and trains.

To avoid problems of this type, the Bombers de Mallorca have drawn up a list of tips for the use of these devices.

  • Always use the charger and batteries indicated by the manufacturer.
  • When charging them, do not charge them near combustible materials or when the device is wet.
  • Nor should they be charged if the batteries have suffered a blow or damage, they should not be left charging unattended and neither should many devices or a lot of power be connected to the same power strip.
  • Finally, they recommend that personal mobility vehicles should not be modified, as doing so increases the risk of fire to the devices.

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