After the City Council of Palma postponed the Nit de les Ànimes 2023 due to bad weather, it will finally be held this Saturday, November 11. It will be from 16:30 h in the Parc de sa Riera. The EMT Palma activate a special bus service for the Nit de les Ànimes

The popular Nit de les Ànimes 2023 reaches its seventh edition. The Ajuntament de Ciutat organizes it together with neighborhood and citizen entities: the Association of neighbors Ca’s Capiscol-Son Busquest-Tramuntana, Association of Neighbors Santa Pagesa, Xiroi Leisure Club, Deixonats, Dimonis des Cau des Boc Negre. These have been promoting the celebration since 2017 with the aim of recovering the traditions of Tots Sants in Mallorca.

Nit de les Ànimes in Palma: program

The festival will start on Saturday, November 11:

  • At 4:30 pm with the performance of the ‘colles de xeremiers’ that will give the starting point to the celebration with a tour of the Parc de Sa Riera.
  • From 5 pm there will be a children’s performance by Cucorba.
  • From 18:45 hours citizens will also be invited to join the party with a popular dance by Roada.
  • At 8:30 p.m. there will be a Correfoc with more than 100 dimonis and 50 musicians on stage.

All these activities will take place in the amphitheater of the Parc de sa Riera.

At the same time, other related activities will take place in the esplanade of the Parc Sensorial.

  • Between 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm there will be ‘fanalets’ and storytelling workshops, ‘rosaris ensucrats’ workshop, face painting and puppet workshop.
  • The storyteller will be in charge of Victor Uwagba, with three passes at 17:00 hours, 18:00 hours, and 19:00 hours..

It will also host the Ciutat Amiga de la Infància tent where you can learn about the calendar of activities planned in Palma.

While in the cemetery there will be dramatized guided tours, with a thirty-minute tour of various points of interest in the cemetery. Unique trees, monumental tombs, catacombs or the wishing tree, among others, will be known.

  • The first visit will take place at 4:00 pm and the last one at 7:40 pm. The meeting point will be the main gate of the cemetery, on Jesus Street.

In total there will be 11 turns to visit the cemetery between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm. This is a free activity, but with a capacity limited to thirty people per group, therefore, prior registration is required. Registrations are open until the 330 places offered and have the collaboration of the Municipal Funeral Company.

EMT Palma will activate a special bus service for Nit de les Ànimes 2023

The Municipal Transport Company of Palma (EMT) has activated a special service on the occasion of the celebration.

  • It will start at 15:30 hours. It will depart from Sindicat (stop 80) and will arrive at Can Valero (stop 1001). It will pass through Grans Magatzems (stop 195), Plaça d’Espanya (stop 295), Comte de Sallent (stop 492), General Riera (stop 494), Costa de les Germanetes, Parc de Sa Riera (758) and the Cemetery (759). Vehicles will have an average frequency of 20 minutes until 21:30 h in the direction of Can Valero. Between 15:45 h and 21:45 h, from Can Valero.
  • The return route departs from Can Valero (stop 1001) to Sindicat (stop 80). It will pass through the Cemetery (stop 755), Camí de Jesús, Parc de Sa Riera (stop 756), Lluís Vives street, General Riera, Comte de Sallent (stop 543), Plaça d’Espanya (stop 110) and Avinguda d’Alexandre Rosselló.


Nit de les animes 2023