406 shops are taking part in the campaign, which will last on May. Of the total, 300 shops used up all the discount vouchers in the first distribution

At 10 a.m. today, Wednesday morning, the Palma Town Hall activates the second distribution of discount vouchers for small businesses. In total, 50,000 vouchers will be available for all those establishments that have redeemed more than half of the vouchers allocated in the first batch, which are practically the majority. 300 shops used up all the vouchers in the first distribution.

The fourth edition of the discount voucher campaign in Palma’s small shops will allocate 1 million euros and put 100,000 vouchers into circulation. Each person over the age of sixteen will have 9 vouchers that can be exchanged, with a maximum of 3 vouchers per establishment. 10 euros will be deducted for every 16 euros of purchase. 406 establishments have signed up to the campaign until 7th May.

The platform stopped working on the first day of implementation collapsed due to the “high number of applications registered”, as explained by the City Council. After being reactivated, the second phase is scheduled for today 26 April and the third for 12 May.

To benefit from the discounts, all you have to do is present your identity document when paying at the cash desk. The establishments participating in the campaign and the number of vouchers remaining can be consulted in real time on the palmaactiva.com website.

Computer problems in the first phase

This new edition of the Palma City Council’s discount voucher campaign has not been without its problems. After the City Council suspended its launch on the 27th of March after the computer platform that supported it collapsed, it was reactivated early yesterday and there were already some establishments that could not redeem the discounts and had computer problems. Some customers had to wait up to 40 minutes inside a shop. This time, according to the Palma Town Hall, 43,000 vouchers have already been exchanged so far, so it is expected to be a quieter day.

As for the headings, the same as in the last edition will be maintained, incorporating service establishments. The Ajuntament de Palma considers it an instrument to help activate the local economy and encourage purchases from small businesses, which has proven to be a success.

New features

This fourth edition changes the amount of the vouchers and lowers the minimum consumption, which is now 16 euros with a 10-euro discount. Up to three vouchers can only be accumulated in each establishment: 30 euros discount for 48 euros spent.

Each citizen over the age of sixteen will be able to have a total of 9 vouchers. As a novelty, these vouchers will always be released at 5pm.

In addition, shops will be able to register and redeem the vouchers through a platform, i.e. the shop can directly upload the proof of purchase and redeem the voucher. Citizens will also be able to check how many vouchers they have used and how many they still have available.


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