The Conselleria de Economia, Hisenda e Innovació will start a campaign to control whether the rentals managed by intermediary companies are registered in the census of the Sustainable Tourism Tax (ITS). This is one more step taken by the Government to combat the intrusion of illegal complementary services. In this regard, the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) has provided this information to the Balearic Islands Tax Agency (ATIB), which is now working on it and analysing it. These companies are obliged to provide the tax information to the Treasury, in order to control the rentals and the collection of the corresponding taxes on the rental of tourist accommodation.

It is expected that between October and November, if it is feasible and when the information has been fully analysed, the ATIB will start to send information letters to those rentals that are not registered in the ITS census. If no reply is received, the corresponding tax regularisation actions and controls will be initiated. In addition, formulas are being sought so that this information can be passed on to the island councils and thus strengthen the fight against illegal tourism.