Local produce and Mallorcan gastronomy have been promoted for yet another year with the support of the Consell de Mallorca at the Madrid Fusión gastronomy fair, held at IFEMA (Madrid), which comes to an end today. Over the last few days, a total of 16 exhibitors have presented different dishes and products of Mallorcan origin, and several live cooking demonstrations (show cookings) have taken place. Many of the tastings were accompanied by pairings of local wines.

The island companies that attended the event were Ametlla + de Mallorca, CRDO Oli de Mallorca, DO Binissalem, Flor de Sal d’es Trenc/ Salinas d’es Trenc, IGP Ametlla de Mallorca, Agromallorca S.A.T, Vi de la Terra, IGP Sobrassada, Destil-leries Jordi Perelló, SL, Es Garrover de Mallorca, Pa d’Aquí, Ensaïmada de Mallorca, ASCAIB and Especias Crespí.

The island’s director of tourism, Lucía Escribano, stressed the importance of this initiative to promote the island’s gastronomy and culture: “Promoting Mallorcan gastronomy is an important driving force for the deseasonalisation of the industry, as well as a way of raising awareness of our culture and ancestral traditions through recipes, local produce and Mallorcan wine”.

Madrid Fusión

The Mallorcan delicacies at Madrid Fusión 2023

These are some of the local dishes that the attendees were able to taste:

  • Cocarroi with foam from its mousse of Mallorcan oil.
  • Mussel tiger mussel with plankton and sea vegetables, with Mallorcan almond soufflé crust
  • Carob crocanti cannoli stuffed with Mallorcan black pork, smoked cauliflower and dates
  • Discovering carob”, isomalt leaves, Majorcan carob bonbon, Majorcan almond crumble and Flor de Sal of rose petals with Shechuan pepper.
  • Xeixa wheat cake, Mallorcan vegetables, Mallorcan cod confit with Mallorcan oil, Mallorcan sobrassada and honey, Mallorcan almond snow and Flor de Sal of black olives.
  • Balotine of black pork, sobrasada de Mallorca foam, soup bread with corti tap and sweet potato.
  • Mallorcan pork canelé with ginger BBQ and Mallorcan cured pork tap.
  • Cured and smoked fish from the fish market, with Mallorcan orange pickle, black olive powder, endive and smoked Flor de Sal.
  • Fideos bruts, with Mallorcan black pork sobrasada, seasonal vegetables, Mallorcan ramellet tomato and Mallorcan olive oil.
  • Pork loin with cabbage, pork cheek, sobrasada de Mallorca, dried apricots and demi-glacé.
  • Bullit de peix, crispy rice a banda, marinated llampuga, Mallorcan prawns and toasted allioli.