The 40 Summer Live 2023 comes to Inca this Sunday 30 July. The biggest and most extensive tour of the summer in terms of number of artists and dates will bring artists such as Abraham Mateo to Inca, among other performances. This is a free event that is touring a large part of Spain, and in Mallorca it stops in Inca.

Los 40 concert in Mallorca

The Los 40 Summer Live concert in Mallorca will feature the following artists: Abraham Mateo, Leo Rizzi, Marlon, Nickzzy, Charlie USG, Miki Núñez, Paula Koops Woro. There will also be a DJ session by Óscar Martínez. With this concert tour, Spain’s leading music radio station reaches the eighth edition of Los 40 Summer Live.

In Los 40 Summer Live, attendees could enjoy live concerts, musical performances and presentations of renowned artists of the moment. The main objective is to offer an entertaining and vibrant show for the audience that follows Los 40 Principales radio and music lovers in general.

For the second consecutive year, environmental care will take centre stage at Los 40 Summer Live through the “From Trash to Live” initiative. This valuable proposal aims to raise awareness about the importance of reducing pollution and environmental impact, encouraging attendees to recycle and preserve the environment during the events. It is an opportunity to join forces and make a positive difference to the planet while enjoying the music.

Los 40 summer live Inca Mallorca