The show for the whole family ‘Ikimililikiliklik’ can be seen on Sunday the 23rd of April at 6:00 pm at Palma’s Teatre Principal

Teatre Principal de Palma

‘Ikimilikiliklik’ is a modern tale about witches who are not witches. Photo: Teatre Principal de Palma.

Narration, theatre, object plasticity and dance are combined in the play ‘Ikimilikiliklik’. A modern tale about witches who are not witches and about fears that are not so terrible in the end. It is a show for the whole family, recommended for ages 7 and up, and can be seen in Palma’s Teatre Principal on Sunday the 23rd of April at 6 pm.

When Martirio was a little girl, she was frightened for many reasons, but there were two, in particular, that caused her a heartbreaking dread: seeing someone unprotected and witches, those lonely, evil women who live in old hovels high up in the mountains. Martirio, wanting to protect her beloved little spider, overcame a lot of fears. This is the story of the protagonist herself, who, as an adult, has become a “witch”.

‘Ikimilikiliklik’, written and directed by Jokin Oregi, is a production of the Marie de Jongh Company and a co-production of Grec 2020 Festival of Barcelona, with the collaboration of LAVA Fundación Municipal de Cultura and Donostia Kultura.