On July 29th, nearly 2,080,000 people arrived in the Balearics. Of all the islands, Menorca broke all-time records with 225,820 people in a single day. Thus, the islands continue to break records of human pressure

The Balearic Islands continue to break human pressure records. As a balance of the season until August, the Balearic Islands are already breaking records: in the first eight months of this year 2023 the islands have received 13.1 million tourists. These are figures that add foreign visitors and the domestic market; this represents an increase of 8.4%. Their expenditure exceeded 14,737 million euros, an increase of 14%. Everything suggests that the results, both in terms of the number of visitors and investment in the islands, in 2023 will be historic.

The record was broken on July 29 when the islands received 2,079,756 people. The previous record also exceeded two million people in a single day to the archipelago. It was from August 2017, when 2,071,124 people coincided in the islands. This according to the latest data of the Human Pressure Indicator (HPI) published by the Balearic Islands Institute of Statistics (IBESTAT).

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As for this 2023, the historical record of human pressure in the Balearic Islands as a whole is driven by a significant increase in the figure of Mallorca, which breaks historical records with nearly 1,500,000 people in a single day on the island, last July 28. Menorca set a record number of visitors in July, with 225,820 people in a single day on the island, on July 29. The maximum of population that Ibiza has registered this July is 329,196 people, on July 27th. A figure that in Formentera stood at 35,612 people, also recorded on July 29.

Record in Menorca

Menorca sets a new record for human pressure in July. For the first time since records have been kept it surpasses the threshold of 200,000 people on average on the island in a month of July. In fact, on the 29th there were 225,820 people, an all-time high. The previous record was recorded on August 14 last year with 430 people less.

And it is that July has exceeded for the first time the barrier of 200,000 people. The average number of people who coincided in July in Menorca is 208,000. It represents an increase of almost 5.5% over last year, when a historical figure was already reached. This translates into 11,000 more people on average on the island. In perspective, the human pressure in July has increased by 15% compared to a decade ago.