‘Pollencins’ and ‘pollencines’ are in the streets to experience the traditional Fiestas de la Patrona de Pollença 2023, with its big day on the 2nd of August. Then the popular battle of Moors and Christians is re-enacted and l’Alborada is held, marking the start of the tribute to the patron saint on that day

The Fiestas de la Patrona de Pollença 2023, which take place between Saturday 22nd July and Wednesday 2nd August, are a tribute to the community, to the collective and inclusive feeling of the municipality, which strengthens its identity, and also forms part of the historical heritage of Pollença.

To this end, the municipality brings together its inhabitants, as well as Mallorcans from all over the island, to experience a varied programme of cultural, sporting, leisure and traditional activities in a celebration that Pollença has been organising for over 100 years.

Battle of Moors and Christians

The highlight of the Fiestas de la Patrona 2023 programme is on the 2nd of August with the re-enactment of the battle of the Moors and Christians.

For yet another year, Pollença has already decided who will represent the main characters of this fiesta in 2023. In a crowded election, in which 32 ‘pollencins’ stood for election, Jaume Mercer was elected to represent Joan Mas. His rival, the Moorish king who will lead the Saracen invasion in the mock battle, will be Joan M. Seguí, accompanied by Bartomeu Llompart and Guillem Mascaró, as lieutenant and standard-bearer, respectively. The Ajuntament Vella will be represented by Joan Vanrell, Juan Llompart, Miquel Vanrell and Antoni Cifre.



Programme of the Fiestas de la Patrona de Pollença 2023

Some of the events of these festivities, the full programme of which can be consulted on the website of the Ajuntament de Pollença, are as follows:

  • Saturday 22nd July

    20.30 h. Performance by Aires de la Cala and the Rancho Folklorico de Fortios de Portugal. Venue: Plaça Major.
    20.00 h. IV Simpòsium 31M with the lectures “Moros, pirates i corsaris en la literatura popular de Mallorca” (Moors, pirates and corsairs in the popular literature of Mallorca) by Agnès Agustina Cerdà Amengual, and “La correspondència com a font per a la Història Social: el cas de Joan Guiraud i la Patrona de Pollença” by Rafel Morro Aguilar. Venue: Club Pollença hall.

  • Sunday 23rd:

    20.00 h.Mostra de l’Escoleta de ball de pagès de Pollença. Venue: Plaça Major.

Big day: Moors and Christians drill

  • Wednesday 2nd August:

  • 05.00h. Alborada in the Plaça Major to continue through the streets of the town. Itinerary: From Plaça Major, passing through the Town Hall, corner of the streets Coronel Aloy i Garriga, streets Coronel Aloy i Fra Juníper Serra, streets Roser Vell i Joan Vives Rotger, Cecili Metel i Sínia, Plaça de l’Assolellador (abeurador de Sant Isidre), corner of Via Pollentia i Reina M. Cristina, Plaça del Pou dels Tiradors, Plaça de Ca les Monnares i Tito Cittadinni, Placeta de Sant Jordi, corner of Mar i Barques streets, Pare Vives i Sion streets, corner of Jaume III i Gerreria streets, Horta i Gruat, corner of Horta i Barques streets and Plaça de l’Almoina.
  • 08.30 h. Alborada in Plaça de Cala Molins, Cala de Sant Vicenç.
  • 09.15 h. Alborada in Plaça de l’Enginyer Roca, Port de Pollença.
  • 11.00 h. In the parish church, Oficio Mayor and the ‘cossiers’ dance of l’Oferta.
  • 12.15 h. In the Plaça Major, dance of the ‘cossiers’.
  • 12.45 h In the church of Montision, institutional act. Performance by the Pollença Music Band.
  • 13.00 h In the Town Hall, aperitif for the whole town.
  • 17.00 h Parade of the Tropa de Cornetes i Tambors del Soldà.
  • 17.30 h Procession with the old image of the Patron Saint.
  • 19.00 h Moors and Christians drill. Only the charges of the drill may carry iron swords.
  • 21.30 h “TEDÈUM” by Mossèn Miquel Tortell in thanksgiving and singing of the “Goigs” by Costa i Llobera. In the Plaça Major, performance of “L’Alborada” and “Visca Pollença” by the Pollença Music Band.
  • 23.00 h Fireworks. Venue: Pont Romà fence.