The Consell de Mallorca, together with the Bishopric of Mallorca and the Canonica de Santa Magdalena, has inaugurated an exhibition dedicated to Saint Catalina Tomàs to commemorate the 450th anniversary of her death. Thus, until Saturday 25th May, La Misericordia is hosting Expresión de gratitud. The Tomàsian votive offerings from the canonry of Santa Magdalena. A travelling exhibition curated by Gabriel Carrió that will continue from July to September at the Museum of History in Manacaor and from November 2024 to January 2025 at the Coll Bardolet Foundation in Valldemossa.

The exhibition presents a selection of votive offerings dating from the 17th to the 20th centuries from the monastery of Santa Magdalena in Palma, which are intrinsically linked to the devotion to Santa Catalina Tomàs. They constitute an outstanding part of one of the most significant collections of votive offerings in Mallorca, both in terms of quantity and antiquity, comparable to the devotions to the Virgin Mary of Lluc or the Christ of the Blood. These votive offerings are not only expressions of gratitude for intercessions in difficult moments such as accidents or illnesses, but also visual testimonies that contributed to spreading the saint’s reputation for holiness.

The exhibition has a total of 22 votive offerings, including objects, photographs and paintings. Exceptionally, a painting representing Saint Catalina Tomàs, property of the Consell de Mallorca and which comes from the original furnishings of the Misericordia chapel, is on display.

Exposición santa Catalina Tomàs

More events in homage to St. Catalina Tomàs

The 450th anniversary of the passing of Saint Catalina Tomàs, beatified in 1792 and canonised in 1930, will also be celebrated with an extensive programme of religious and cultural activities over the coming months, which was presented in audience to Pope Francis on 20 March.

On 20 April, the Consell de Mallorca and the Bishopric of Mallorca will publish on their respective Youtube channels a video clip of the version of the song Sor Tomasseta arranged and performed by Sonadors Sonats.

On 22 June, coinciding with the birthday of the canonisation, Mn. Gabriel Ramis, vice-postulator of the causes of the saints, will give a conference in the church of Santa Magdalena.
Mn. Nadal Bernat, priest of the monastery of Santa Magdalena in Palma, will also give a conference on 26th July in the chapterhouse of the church.

On the 24th of August, Valldemossa will host the theatrical production Catalina Tomàs, by Pere de Alcàntara Peña, in remembrance of the day the saint promised her perpetual vows.

This year, a comic book will also be published to raise awareness of the saint, the triumphal chariot and ancient costumes related to the parade will be restored, and a series of talks will be held. In addition, an open popular pilgrimage is being organised to conclude the year of Saint Catherine Thomas before the Holy See.