The ephemeral store of the Association of Artisans of Pollença, Espai Artesanal de Pollença 2023, opens its doors until October 15 in “La Taverna” in the Joan March Gardens. Textile products, natural fibers, jewelry and other pieces can be purchased in support of local trade

Espai Artesanal de Pollença 2023 is a space for exhibition, promotion and sale where artisans work collaboratively to publicize their creations. In this edition 12 artisan brands ‘pollencinas’ participate and has the support of the City Council of Pollença.

In addition, there will also be space for the creations that PRODIS, the Association Pro-Help Disabled People, developed in its occupational workshop. Thus, in Espai Artesanal we can find pieces of pottery, woodwork, textiles, natural fiber products, jewelry, screen printing, eau de cologne and natural air fresheners, olive oil, etc., showing the rich and varied craft ‘pollencina’.

The first edition of Espai Artesanal de Pollença took place at Christmas 2019/2020 and was repeated in summer 2020, in full pandemic. Such was the success of this latest edition that it was originally supposed to last two months but was extended until June 2022 and was a great support for local artisans.

Now Espai Artesanal de Pollença 2023 reopens its doors this October and plans to hold two more editions throughout 2023, as part of the Pollença fair and at Christmas.

Espai Artesanal de Pollença 2023